Fitness Center • Rules & Regulations

Fitness Center EtiquetteWeight Room Sign
1.  Use of the Midland College Fitness Center is limited to Midland College employees, retirees, and currently enrolled students.  Additionally, Midland College employees and Midland College retirees may bring with them 1 guest over the age of 16.

2.  All Fitness Center Patrons are only allowed access to the Fitness Center during open hours of operation.

3. Admittance to the Fitness Center requires a current Midland College ID.  NO ID NO ENTRANCE NO EXCUSES.

4.  In keeping with a professional facility, Fitness Center Patrons are to wear proper attire.  Proper attire includes: athletic shorts/pants, shirts, and closed-toed shoes.  The visibility of undergarments is prohibited.

5.  Only water bottles are allowed in the Fitness Center.  Gym bags, drinks other than water, food, tobacco products and gum are unsafe and not allowed.

6.  All equipment is to remain in the Fitness Center.

7.  All plate racks and/or free weights are to be carefully handled.

8.  Dumbbells and weight plates are to be returned to their racks after use.  Put them back where you got them.

9.  Cleaning supplies are provided.  Patrons are expected to use these supplies to sanitize equipment after use.

10. Only flat benches may be moved around the center.

11. In the interest of safety, mirrors are to remain untouched.

12. To provide an environment conducive to wellness, no rough-housing, vulgarity, or loud personal music/singing will be allowed.

13. Fitness Center employees have sole control over the sound system and the music played on that system.  Only music owned by the Fitness Center will be played on the Fitness Center's sound system.  Personal music is only allowed with the use of ear pods or head sets.

14. Respect for the equipment, facility, and staff must be demonstrated at all times.

15. Fitness Center attendants, P.E. building staff, and Midland College authorities reserve the right to eject anyone from the facility.

16. A medical check-up and approval by a personal physician before participation in any physical activity is highly recommended especially for men over 40, women over 50, and persons with any potentially limiting physical conditions (pregnancy, back or heart problems, diabetes, etc).