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Sports Medicine


WHAT IS AN ATHLETIC TRAINER? ... An athletic trainer is part of the aqllied health profession and is responsible for theprevention, management, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic-related injuries.

That's the "technical" definition. Ask a practicing Athletic Trainer and they will tell you ... "I'm a problem-solver, counselor, teacher, advisor, sounding-board, part-time cheerleader ... oh, yeah, and I also take care of emergency medical situatiuons, treat the sick athlete or coach; all while rehabilitation injuries, taping body parts AND directing a student training staff."

WHEW!!! Sounds like a whole bunch of responsibility, and a whole lot of busy, huh? Ask that same Athletic Trainer, "do you love your job?" and they will tell you, "Absolutely!"

The great thing about the field of athletic training is that Athletic Trainers are are found in many different areas that have nothing to do with sports, but everything to do with people who are physically active ...

 - all branches of the military      - hospitals      - fitness centers
 - corporations  - NASA  - Broadway/Vegas    
 - Disneyland (who knew!)  
We are very proud of producing All-American and National Champion athletes and teams. MC Sports Medicine is another team in this successful program that has been built. Our teams are successful in the classroom and on the field. We consider ourselves "the team behind the teams." Scholarships are available, based upon academics, experience and need ... Come join us!

Former MC Student Trainers include ...

Deja Chrisma, now at Texas Southern University
Raelyn Ramirez, now at University of Texas-Permian Basin
Andrew Reyes, LAT, now at Texas Tech University and Dallas Cowboys

For more information about the program, please contact:


Sonya Mikeska - Athletic Trainer
(432) 685-4715

A veteran of the Midland College Athletic Department, Sonya is easily one of the most valuable people at MC. Her dedication to the athletic teams is nearly unparalleled. Sonya can ususally be found at most home matches and games. She also lends her expertise to other schools and can be counted on to have a well-taught, eager group of student trainers. Sonya is a caring professional who always wants what is best for everyone.
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