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Chaparral Athletic Club




Chap Athletic Membership Application (pdf format)

Thank you for your membership in the Midland College Chap Athletic Club. The CAC is the official booster organization for Midland College Athletics.

The CAC is also the fundraising arm of Midland College Athletics, fundraising is an essential component of any successful athletic department. As you know, Midland College is the home of nearly 200 NJCAA All-American student-athletes including Anthony "Spud" Webb (NBA), Daron "Mookie" Blaylock (NBA), Andrew Coltart (PGA), Chad Campbell (PGA), Kenneth Ferrie (PGA) and Amisha Carter (WNBA). Also, Midland College has garnered 20 NJCAA Team National Championships.

As a testament to our commitment to the greater Midland community, many former student-athletes with Permian Basin roots call Midland College their alma mater. Those individuals include Garth Wright (basketball), Brad Swindig (swimming), Ann Coombes-Goodman (tennis), Heidi Lange-Kruger (basketball), Josh Haney (baseball), Maritza Martinez (softball), Tori Perkins (volleyball) and Krystal Mehaffey (golf). Over the 40-year history of Midland College athletics, there have been over 100 former Midlanders who have worn uniforms of our various sports teams. We are exceedingly proud of our ties to the city of Midland.

By becoming a member of the CAC, you help ensure the excellence of our programs. Midland College is regarded as one of the top community colleges in the United States and your contribution go to continuing our position of prominence among NJCAA member institutions. Your membership in the CAC helps us support the Chap Kick-Off event, member dinners at home conference basketball games and the annual Midland College Athletic Banquet.

In addition to attending our events and dinners, we would like to see our members become more involved in shaping the direction of the organization. We are always looking for ideas, input, and manpower as well as your financial contributions.

Your membership is greatly needed and appreciated. We thank you for your support and generosity.




Forrest Allen
Director of Athletics